Silent auctions: Top reasons your charity event could benefit  

Silent auctions: Top reasons your charity event could benefit  

Here at Bid-In, we have been offering silent auction services across the UK for many years, understanding how to help charities maximise their fundraising potential. If you are considering adding a silent auction to your upcoming charity event, be sure to read on!

Create an exciting atmosphere

Whether you are a large charity organisation or putting on a small get-together for a local cause, a silent auction can be all you need to turn your event from a stale do to a flourishing charity celebration. Creating an air of mystery as to how much the event has raised, having a silent auction taking place in the background adds another element of fun to an event.

Raise more money for your organisation

A recent survey states that silent auctions raise, one average, 30% more than traditional auctions, with no benchmark figure available for bidders to be influenced by. Unlike many other silent auction providers, all of the memorabilia we use at our auctions are provided by us, meaning no third-party provider will add on a fee; leaving more money for your charity.

Great for first-time hosts

If you are planning your first charity event then we understand how daunting the experience can be, with so much to arrange in the days leading up to it. With no need for an auctioneer, a silent auction is easy to execute; with our team handling everything from start to finish.

Everyone wins!

Whilst bringing the fun factor to a charity event, using Bid-In’s silent auction service is an all-round good idea. From the bidders leaving the event with a piece of memorabilia that they love, to the charity using the money paid to them for good use, with silent auctioning; everyone wins.

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