A Guide to Sporting Memorabilia

A Guide to Sporting Memorabilia

Here at Bid-In, we pride ourselves on our memorabilia, being one of the only silent auction providers offering our own items and slots at charity events. Specialising in sports memorabilia, we are constantly asked ‘how do you know what will increase in price?’. While price is impacted by a variety of factors, we have below put together a small guide to sporting memorabilia; we hope it helps!

What is sports memorabilia?

Sports memorabilia can be defined as an object that is related to and gains value from its relationship to the sports industry and its players, being highly sought-after by sporting fans in particular. From signed prints and clothing to items such as footballs and equipment, the term ‘memorabilia’ is vast.

What is the link between charity and sports memorabilia?

It was back in late 20th century that the market for sports memorabilia really started to grow, now playing a huge role in the world of charity in particular. Making for much in-demand items, charities are using signed memorabilia as auction items across the globe, selling wonderful, unique items with proceeds going to the chosen organisation.

Why do people buy sporting memorabilia?

Whether online or at charity events, we are seeing a year-on-year rise in the number of people interested in sports memorabilia; but why? Here we have outlined the three main reasons our products are successfully being sold.

As an investment – Many of our customers purchase our pieces as a form of investment, believing they will increase in value and make some money from the item’s resale. For instance, buying a signed shirt of a young rugby player before they hit the height of their career is a good investment, with the item being more in-demand when the player’s profile strengthens.
Nostalgia – Other reasons some purchase sporting memorabilia is for reasons of nostalgia, wanting to own something connected to our childhood sporting heroes.
Charity – As mentioned, many purchase sporting items due to their connection with charity. With the majority of signed pieces being donated by players to events and charities, those that want to make a difference put their hand up and bid; no matter what the item is.

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