The Fundraising Debate: Paper or Tablet? 

The Fundraising Debate: Paper or Tablet? 

In recent years, fundraising has been given a new lease of life by the wonders of technology; with nearly every charity event featuring a tech aspect in some way shape or form.  Here at Bid-In, we have witnessed this shift, now offering iPad bidding services at silent auctions across the UK. 

Trying to make events highly engaging and reliable, whilst raising charities more money, we are constantly faced with the fundraising debate; Paper or Tablet? So, through this blog we explore the pros and cons of each auctioning option.  


For the old-school men and women amongst us, the idea of having a physical booklet to look through is rather appealing, enjoying flicking through the auction items and making a bid with a good old-fashioned pen. Not required to be charged, connected to the internet or handled with care, it is understandable why the humble booklet can still be found at silent suction events.  


Adding an element of interactivity, using tablets to place bids and donate is certainly more geared at the corporate market. Utilised by big brands putting on large charity events, a tablet bidding auction simply takes things up a step, allowing attendees to browse the full catalogue of memorabilia online in full colour. With room to feature more product details than a printed booklet, this can also have an impact on the amount raised during events, allowing bidders to engage with the items and experiences on an interactive level.  

Combined solutions 

Here at Bid-In, we are a modern company with traditional values sewn throughout, eager to cater to our clients’ needs. Recently, we have witnessed a huge spike in the number of enquiries for combined solutions, wanting guests to be able to place bids both online and through physical booklets provided. Allowing bidders to pick which method best suits them, having two routes to bid can be benefits to the overall funding pot.  

If you would like to learn more about the many fundraising options available through Bid-In, contact is today!