Bid-In Tech, our complimentary software product, has arrived. This technology was the missing piece in our fundraising puzzle.

Intuitive Design

Our software is beautifully designed and presented to maximise user interaction. The added engagement ensures your guests bid on items to help you raise valuable funds for your cause. The software comes preloaded onto our Samsung tablets, ensuring everything is ready for your event. Everything is ready to go, when you are.

Secure Bidding & Live Bid Updates

Bid-In Tech provides a secure platform from which supporters can make their bids. Safe in the knowledge that their information and bid is kept private. You, as the event organiser, receive live updates of your auctions progress.

Customised Branding & Products

One ingredient for a successful silent auction is customising everything. You’re able to style the software to reflect your brand. Including bespoke experiences and lots tailored to your event. Supporters will love using your own version of Bid-In Tech.