About Us

From the beginning…

Founded by our Director, Cheryl, Bid-In is a business centred on passion, with Cheryl boasting a flourishing career in PR. Enjoying working with charities in particular, Cheryl has attended her fair share of events, many featuring silent auctions.

Exercising her entrepreneurial side, she identified a gap in the market; a gap that Bid-In came to fill. Displaying a need for a more streamlined, modern take on silent auctioning, Cheryl brought Bid-In to market, a silent auction solution that puts the charity as the priority.

Though founded in Wales, Bid-In has casted its net a lot further than Cardiff, with events in London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool and overseas now a regular occurrence.

Over the last few years the business has come on leaps and bounds, with Bid-In now producing film, music and sporting memorabilia and experiences for charities, fundraising organisations and event managers.

Our Mission

As simple as it sounds, our aim is to help charities engage their supporters to raise the most funds possible for their cause. We believe we can help every charity, regardless of size or sector, to reward their donators with the number one auction service.

Our Vision

With charitable fundraising increasing year on year, and with an ever-growing interest in celebrities – athletes, Olympians, movie stars and musicians – our vision is to reward those who donate to charity with the best experiences and memorabilia.

We are Bid-In. We provide a winning combination of hand-crafted memorabilia, silent auction technology and professional support staff for your event.

Our Fantastic Team

Driven fundraising experts ready to support your cause.

Cheryl – Director

Cheryl is the driving force behind the business and has a wealth of experience in raising money for charities. Her infectious passion for fundraising is unrivalled and a great asset for the business.

Jamie – Director

Jamie is an ambassador for a number of charities and a keen fundraiser. Jamie’s extensive network, throughout the world, provides a great platform for Bid-In to provide high quality lots.

Anna – Dubai Operations Manager

Anna is our Operations Manager in Dubai and assists in every event. She ensures everything runs smoothly in our silent auctions in the UAE.

Becky – Event Organiser

Becky is one of our silent auction experts. Becky ensures your events run smoothly and provide the greatest amount of donations for your charity.

Carys – Event Organiser

Carys is another of our silent auction experts. Carys, along with Becky, provide a stress free auction and help encourage the most reserved of bidders.

Vanessa – Events Manager

Vanessa is in charge of running our teams for each event. Vanessa has a great deal of experience within the events industry.

Brad – Operations

Brad is a recent addition to the team and comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry. Brad is tasked with ensuring the wheels continue to turn as Bid-In continues to grow.

Sammi – Events

Sammi is one of our event experts. Sammi, along with our other events staff, is an integral part of our success. Sammi ensures our clients run a great event and hit their goal.