5 Reasons Businesses Should Support Charity

5 Reasons Businesses Should Support Charity

Business is about making a difference, and to do so many companies are beginning to establish giving programs to differentiate from competitors. Corporate giving isn’t just a positive for the charity you choose, it’s good for the overall business. Charitable giving is a way for businesses to boost their PR and gain loyalty amongst customers. If you haven’t considered charitable giving, here are 5 reasons your business should be donating.

Positive branding

If you opt to involve your business in charitable organisations, you are ultimately showing that you are concerned about your community and the world. It shows that you want to make a change, and that you aren’t only open to making money.

Charitable giving puts your company in a positive light. By doing so you are showing that you take an active role in promoting your corporate social responsibility, which is generally more favourably viewed than companies who hesitate to establish charitable programs. By donating to charity, you are portraying a more welcoming image of your business. For that, consumers will want to engage with you.

Free publicity

By getting involved in a non-profitable effort, you are giving your business the chance to promote itself in partnership with the organisation. You can send out press releases with photos, post on social media channels and your company website, and note your charitable activities in other marketing materials.

Additionally, you should take advantage of networking opportunities with other donors to promote your business and its involvement. Try to attend planning meetings and events so that you can work alongside other people and businesses that are eager to be involved with the same cause as you are.

Gain customer support

Businesses owe it to their communities to get involved and show their support. If you do so, you are sure to gain trust amongst your customer base. If you get involved with community service and charities, you are ultimately giving customers another reason to be interested in your business.

Meanwhile, if you are a business that’s looking to get involved locally, you could consider sponsoring a local sports team. This will make a real impact on how your community looks at you.

Employee benefits

If you are actively involving your employees in charitable work, you are giving them a common goal outside of normal day-to-day work. Providing employees the opportunity to volunteer with charities they support not only gives them the ability to interact outside the office, but gives them the feeling of supporting your business whilst giving to the community. This will ultimately give your employees a sense of fulfilment and value, enhancing performance and increasing leadership.

Giving Back Is Good For You

Most importantly, the most rewarding reason why your business should give to charity is the feeling you get afterwards. If your company has even the slightest power to help your community and its causes, it is worth the involvement. Plus, giving to worthy charities just simply makes sense.

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