Working with charities of all shapes and sizes, our team create impressive products to compliment fundraising events, helping to raise millions of pounds for non-profit organisations along the way


Where we differ from other silent auction providers is that we create and source our memorabilia. From signed merchandise to unique experiences, our products take centre stage.

With such an approach, we are able to offer better margins to charities (as well as name-drop clients such as Usain Bolt.)


Whist silent auctioning is not a new invention, the application of disruptive technology is. We have developed a system that allows us to stamp a company’s identity into the technology, giving each of our customers a completely tailored silent auction product.

From branded Samsung tablets to place bids on, to detailed reports following the event, our tech takes care of all the stressful elements to planning a charity event.

The Team

Our team is made up of an colourful bunch of characters. From Olympic stars and PR gurus to highly-recognised event planners and software developers, the Bid-In family is beautifully eclectic. However, we all share one goal; to help exceed our clients’ fundraising targets.

Your silent auction partners

Though Bid-in is all about the technology, as a business we still hold traditional values, working in partnership with our customers to create awesome fundraising events. From helping through the planning stages to promotional literature and taking payments, we’ve got your back.

By getting to know our customers and the charities they are working with, our friendly team can create the perfect silent auction package to suit your needs and most importantly; budget.

Let us know about your event.

Our Experience

With over 70 years combined industry experience, the Bid-In team have enjoyed working with charities and event organisers for many years, having supported some of the most wonderful, globally-recognised charitable brands in the world. Loving what we do, we look forward to adding to our list of partners.

Our Memorabilia

Unlike most silent auction providers, we source and produce our own memorabilia. We take pride in crafting lots of high quality and we’ve been lucky enough to produce a special piece for HRH Prince of Wales.